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bacteroid2003/13 | 9-channel installation suspended from the ceiling | 15 min | 16 mm/HD

BACTEROID is an experimental animation-installation about the effects of pollution on the physical morphing of the body and on sex determination in micro-organisms. Several substances used in agriculture, the chemicals industry and, for instance, in primer paints in boats, affect the genotypes of micro-organisms and microbes so that they become hermaphrodite or so that their sex changes into its direct opposite.

The installation has the exceptional colours of hand-made film and animal shape of the installation itself.


split screen stiff2003/13 | 4-channel installation suspended from the ceiling with transparent screens | 38 min | S-35mm/HD

SPLIT SCREEN STIFF is an abstract expressionist installation. It is a rhythmic triptych, divided on four screens about the use of human cadavers in medical research. The transparent screens create a cross shape construction, and all four images are visible simultaneously from all directions, from front and back.

The framework of the installation is an interview with Dr Dimitrios Kallieris (of Heidelberg University), who covers the history of crash tests, the research methods, and the tests’ medical significance and findings. The formal structure of the installation is based on the act of chopping up speech to establish a certain rhythmical structures. On the soundtrack, this sound material is mixed with contemporary classical music.

The key aim of the installations is to orchestrate the black-and-white documentary material and the animated abstract hand-coloured footage into a musical work that functions as a projected installation. 


routemaster – 3 mixes1999 | Projected installation with special reflective screen construction | 3 x 17 min / 60 min | S-8+35 mm/HD

ROUTEMASTER is about the filmic portrayal of speed. It is a montage of racing car speed, a merging of the subject with the film material, and is also about the use of human cadavers in crash tests. Routemaster’s soundtrack uses computer-manipulated electric-violin sounds, a rhythmic pulse and noise loops to convey a sense of ever-faster motion and speed. It is a film that resembles a physical experience.

Routemaster – 3 Mixes consist of three different soundtrack mixes, which are used to investigate the effects of the geographical environment on the audio interpretation of the visual material. The versions are: The Original San Francisco Mix, London Dance Mix and Tokyo Noise Mix.


Asphalto – STRUCTURAL SCREENING1999 | Projected installation with special screen monolith | 45 min | S-8+35 mm/HD

ASPHALTO – An Aria for 13 Demolition Derby Cars, Girls & Gas Stations is a structuralist film projection. Its keywords are: deconstruction, demolition, destruction. It aims to deconstruct classical film narrative techniques while describing, by means of demolition and destruction, the difficulty of communication, encounter, and relationship.

Asphalto – An Aria for 13 Demolition Derby Cars, Girls & Gas Stations is a conceptual narrative with documentary material captured inside a levitating monolith.


P(L)ain truth1993 | Single channel symbolic installation | 15 min | S-16+35 mm/HD

P(L)AIN TRUTH is a symbolic installation, which tells the story of a transsexual and uses extreme audio-visual means to describe her/his emotions during the different stages of her/his transformation from a biological woman into a biological man.

P(l)ain Truth is based on the real case of a person called Rudi. It is a visual record of her/his memories, experiences and aspirations, but by approaching its subject matter in a highly symbolic manner P(l)ain Truth protects his privacy and brings the whole issue of transsexualism and gender identity onto a more general level. 

On the personal level P(l)ain Truth describes the painfulness of the transsexual’s paradoxical situation. On the cultural level P(l)ain Truth emphasizes that transsexuals and their medical and social treatment depend heavily on other people’s definitions. Medical science by and large still treats transsexualism as a mental disorder.