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FILM+ music

MerzwamMerbow meets Wigwam in Cinemascope | 2007

Merbow meets Wigwam in Tokyo Proge – a b/w Super-8 film blown up to the glory of Cinemascope

Merzwam – music for Tokyo Proge is composed by Japanese noise artist Merzbow, who uses as a starting the classic Finnish language tracks by the legendary progressive rock giant Wigwam. Noise of Merzbow is a Japanese interpretation of the original Finnish music much like the film itself is  a Finnish interpretation of the Japanese society.


motor machine musicStereo music out of 5.1 film sound design | 2007

Music for films by ILPPO POHJOLA

– The Geography of Music Mixes
Routemaster is available with 3 different mixes, which investigate the effects of the geographical environment on the audio interpretation of the visual material.

Machine of The Gods
– Music for an unmade movie
The original symphonic soundtrack intends to find a musical form for a sublime experience that transcends by many orders of magnitude any logical comprehension — that of out-of-the-body travel.

Asphalto – Title Aria
Unplugged, no-noise, non-Merzbow version of Asphalto for the end credits.


Assphalto anthemsStreet-poetry goes dance floor and more | 2007

ASPHALTO – AN ARIA FOR 13 DEMOLITION DERBY CARS, GIRLS & GAS STATIONS is an urban aria about cars, girls and gas stations.

ASSPHALTO ANTHEMS – the complete soundtrack and monologue performance of the film re-worked by Finnish contemporary producers, musicians and sound designers.

Artist are unnamed, tracks untitled and the whole set still unsequenced but –now!–  it’s time to move your ass to the official sneak preview of ASS-PHALTO ANTHEMS!


Tone of Finland Double-CD | 138 min | 2005

TONE OF FINLAND – The complete soundtrack of Tom of Finland – Daddy and the Muscle Academy and the original score by Elliot Sharp re-composed + interpreted + mixed + visited + worked by Finnish electronic musicians + sound designers.

Double-CD with 138 minutes of music by Circle+ DJ Slow+ ForestHill+ Giant Robot+ Kilogram+ Esa Kotilainen+ Pekka Lappi+ Juhani Liimatainen+ Miikka Mwamba & DJ Bunuel+ Math Union feat. DJ Ender & JA-Jazz+ Anton Nikkilä+ Peter Nordström+ Nyton feat. Tom of Finland+ Jimi Tenor feat. Tom of Finland+ RinneRadio+ Otto Romanowski+ Mika Vainio+ Elliot Sharp


poetry karaokeDe Luxe DVD Extra Feature | 6 min 50 sec | 2003

POETRY KARAOKE – a DVD Extra Feature from ASPHALTO / ROUTEMASTER – De Luxe DVD +Book containing ASPHALTO – An Urban Aria.

Made just for the sake of your own, guided karaoke performance!


slavesScratch video | 3 min 5 sec | 1990

SLAVES is a scratch video made in the spirit of the liberation of Estonia. It consists of found footage of a performance by Test Department that has been passed through a Grass Valley 300 production switcher and processed with a sound-controlled oscillator.

Slaves is a video in four parts: the opening part is a symbolic introduction to the cultural unity of our two nations, the second depicts everyday life in Estonia while longing for liberation from the yoke of the oppressor, the third part presents a conflict, and the fourth offers a resolution.


stormy silence singlePhotographic book with 7" single | 1983

Elävä on myrskyinen hiljaisuus 
1983 | 24-page photo book with 7” single and slide show with live music 

Abstract imagery & sequencing by
Electric guitar interpretation by

STORMY SILENCE is a photographic book with 7” single and a slide show duet of camera and guitar exploring the influence of instrumental music on the interpretation of abstract color photographs.