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1 PLUS 1 PLUS 1 – Sympathy for the Decay2012 | 60 min | 35 mm / 2K DCP

1 PLUS 1 PLUS 1 – SYMPATHY FOR THE DECAY is an abstract expressionist film in three episodes about the consequences of moral choices. Using three different documentary formats, it explores the disappearance of man-made materials into nature, pollution-related changes in micro-organisms, and tests performed on human cadavers. Each autonomous episode has its own distinct theme and form, yet together they built up into one conceptual, contextual, cinematic unity.

1 Plus 1 Plus 1 – Sympathy for the Decay explores the manipulation of reality-based content and documentary material by adapting the conventions of experimental film and repetition in minimalist music to stretch the limits of narrativity and representation.

1 Plus 1 Plus 1 – Sympathy for the Decay is an audio-visual vanitas – the mother of all Gesamtkunstwerks.


ROUTEMASTER – Theatre of the Motor1999 | 3 x 17 min | 35 mm / 4K DCP

ROUTEMASTER –THEATRE OF THE MOTOR is a rhythmic mosaic about speed and human cadavers that have been used in crash tests.

It is a montage of rhythmically organised repetitions and involves an abstraction of motion that merges the subject with the film material. The escalating speed, growing abstraction and mosaic-like repetition of images leads on to manipulated, yet realistic images of human bodies used in crash tests. In the end, all that is left is the black-and-white flash of speed, the gyrating pulse of the mosaic, the details of the human bodies and the intense soundtrack.

Routemaster – Theatre of the Motor is a film that creates a real physical experience.


ASPHALTO – AN ARIA FOR 13 cars, girls & gas stations1998 | 45 min | 35 mm / 4K DCP

ASPHALTO – AN ARIA FOR 13 DEMOLITION DERBY CARS, GIRLS & GAS STATIONS is an urban aria about cars, girls and gas stations.

Asphalto – An Aria for 13 Demolition Derby Cars & Gas Stations is a concept-based film. Its keywords are: deconstruction, demolition, destruction. It aims to deconstruct classical film narrative techniques while describing, by means of demolition and destruction, the difficulty of communication, encounter, and relationship.

Asphalto – An Aria for 13 Demolition Derby Cars & Gas Stations is a conceptual narrative with documentary material.


P(L)ain truth1993 | 15 min | 35 mm / 4K DCP

P(L)AIN TRUTH is "a symbolic documentary”, which tells the story of a transsexual and uses extreme audio-visual means to describe her/his emotions during the different stages of her/his transformation from a biological woman into a biological man.

P(l)ain Truth is based on the real case of a person called Rudi. It is a visual record of her/his memories, experiences and aspirations, but by approaching its subject matter in a highly symbolic manner P(l)ain Truth protects his privacy and brings the whole issue of transsexualism and gender identity onto a more general level.


TOM OF FINLAND – Daddy and the Muscle Academy1991 | 55 min | 16/35 mm / 2K DCP

TOM OF FINLAND is one of the gay world’s few authentic icons. His drawings have had an enormous influence on gay identity – not only on the visual appearance of gay people, but also on their attitudes and self-understanding. 

DADDY AND THE MUSCLE ACADEMY is the only film ever made with Tom of Finland. It uses a variety of visual elements and shows how his work passed from being the private fantasies of a man in Europe to underground images that shaped a generation’s ideas of how a gay man could look and act. – Tom’s work is a blueprint for the appearance and attitudes of gay men in the latter part of the 20th century.

Tom of Finland's ultimate leather men are known and seen all over the world. They are key icons of Western visual culture.