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Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Ilppo Pohjola



beyond the black hole of the sun


Ambient abstractions for public space with musique concrète. Infinite animation loop.

Sample Freeze Frames

Hand painted celluloid animation with CGI, written & directed by ILPPO POHJOLA
Monologue by HARRY GAMBOA, JR.


We are spinning in a deadly spiral
Empty clouds rage dust on frozen oceans
The collective waves of universal denial
The darkened side of the earth

Continents swirl into forgotten deserts
Cities dissolve in the blur of time
The globe revolves on broken axis
The world evolves on broken backs 

We are traveling in a doomed orbit
In opposition to one moon
The year is distorted as we lose the sun
Many days are duplicated
Infinity is a voyage to nowhere beyond an echo
Where the cries of the nameless
Where the eyes of the faceless
Are crushed beyond a whispered dream

The third planet in order of importance
Nations in rotation
Populations under hypnosis
Our reflections scattering skyward
Our image dissipates in space
Identities disappear in the shadow
Of a limitless horizon
A perceptual scar of our species

The equator is in disequilibrium
It flutters like the broken wings
Of irate buzzards in descent
Time zones fluctuate to discordant beats
Memories converge at the poles
The individual bears responsibility
Assumes the burden of inevitable cycles
Absorbs the gravity of history 

We are spinning in a lethal spiral
Fault lines defy stability
Bones support the pillars of prestige
Houses are rattled and destroyed
Brown venomous skies embrace us
Caustic winds erase the beaten path
And fan the flames that burn the bridges
We gaze transfixed on the beauty of the blaze

We are traveling in an exterminating orbit
Each passing moment reveals the loss
Remnants of failures float upon the seas
Survivors crawl to shores as ugly spiders
They claim their superiority and success
But the webs have been spun too well
All the flies have been captured
Imbalance perpetrates this wild course into the vacuum

The third planet in disorder of importance
The soil is replenished by spilled blood
Throats are slashed so that seeds may germinate
Roots rip through the concrete
Deceitful flowers exude perfumes that mystify
Fragrance of ignorance and instinct
The globe revolves on broken axis
The world evolves on broken backs